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Slovakia takes first place in index

Eight new countries have recently joined the index. This also includes the new index leader - Slovakia - who have put significant efforts into developing their cyber security capacities over the past few years. Slovakia achieved the maximum score in an impressive 7 of the 12 capacities and takes a slight lead over Germany. The provision of information was coordinated by Mr Rastislav Janota, Chairman of the Cybersecurity Committee at the National Security Authority of the Slovak Republic.

Other new countries in the index include Sweden (rank 15), who got maximum points for their capacity to provide cyber security education and protection of personal data, Greece (rank 26), Argentina (rank 34), Cyprus (rank 38), Cote d'Ivoire (rank 46), Indonesia (rank 51), and Bhutan (rank 57). Mr Nestoras Chouliaras from the National Cyber Security Authority of Greece was the contact person for Greece, data about other countries was acquired by the NCSI team though data collection from public sources.

The index now includes information about 63 countries. The full table can be consulted at