Description of indicators

1. Cyber security policy development

1.1. Cyber security policy unit

1.2. Cyber security policy coordination format

1.3. Cyber security strategy

1.4. Cyber security strategy implementation plan

2. Cyber threat analysis and information

2.1. Cyber threats analysis unit

2.2. Public cyber threat reports are published annually

2.3. Cyber safety and security website

3. Education and professional development

3.1. Cyber safety competencies in primary or secondary education

3.2. Bachelor’s level cyber security programme

3.3. Master’s level cyber security programme

3.4. PhD level cyber security programme

3.5. Cyber security professional association

4. Contribution to global cyber security

4.1. Convention on Cybercrime

4.2. Representation in international cooperation formats

4.3. International cyber security organisation hosted by the country

4.4. Cyber security capacity building for other countries

5. Protection of digital services

5.1. Cyber security responsibility for digital service providers

5.2. Cyber security standard for the public sector

5.3. Competent supervisory authority

6. Protection of essential services

6.1. Operators of essential services are identified

6.2. Cyber security requirements for operators of essential services

6.3. Competent supervisory authority

6.4. Regular monitoring of security measures

7. E-identification and trust services

7.1. Unique persistent identifier

7.2. Requirements for cryptosystems

7.3. Electronic identification

7.4. Electronic signature

7.5. Timestamping

7.6. Electronic registered delivery service

7.7. Competent supervisory authority

8. Protection of personal data

8.1. Personal data protection legislation

8.2. Personal data protection authority

9. Cyber incidents response

9.1. Cyber incidents response unit

9.2. Reporting responsibility

9.3. Single point of contact for international coordination

10. Cyber crisis management

10.1. Cyber crisis management plan

10.2. National-level cyber crisis management exercise

10.3. Participation in international cyber crisis exercises

10.4. Operational support of volunteers in cyber crises

11. Fight against cybercrime

11.1. Cybercrimes are criminalised

11.2. Cybercrime unit

11.3. Digital forensics unit

11.4. 24/7 contact point for international cybercrime

12. Military cyber operations

12.1. Cyber operations unit

12.2. Cyber operations exercise

12.3. Participation in international cyber exercises