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New entries and updates to the NCSI: PY, CL, KR, AG, HT, SC, TO, TV and VU

Paraguay, Chile and South Korea have raised in the rankings, as our contributors have provided updated links and new evidence to the index. Their current rankings are respectively 48th, 36th, and 33rd. It is worth mentioning that Chile and Paraguay are currently part of the top 3 countries in Latin America, and in the top 5 of the whole continent.

We've also had new additions to the Index. Completing the CARICOM member countries, Antigua and Barbuda, and Haiti, are currently positioned in the 127th and 128th rank, respectively. They are both members of ITU-IMPACT, have enacted legistlation for electronic signatures, and have participated in Tradewinds 2018, an international military exercise with a cybersecurity component. Individually, Antigua and Barbuda presents a more robust front on the fight against cybercrimes, protection of personal data and of essential services, while Haiti maitains a cybersecurity professional association and an e-ID & trust services supervisory authority. 

TongaVanuatuSeychelles and Tuvalu have also debuted in the NCSI. CERT Tonga is a multipurpose entity, analyzing threats and serving as a digital forensics unit. The ratification of the Budapest Convention and other evidence factors have currently placed Tonga in the 95th rank, and third in the Oceania region. Vanuatu, currently 129th, presents a cyber incidents response unit (CERT VU) and a National Cybersecurity Policy, among other indicators. Seychelles' current 131st position is indicative of the existence of personal data protection, electronic signature and cybercrime legislation. Finally, Tuvalu, at the 145th rank, has identified the operators of essential services and is an active member of international cooperation formats such as ITU-IMPACT and PaCSON.