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October: Cyber Security Month

October is the month that has been designated for cyber security awareness all around the globe. In the EU, the European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM) is the annual campaign dedicated to promoting cybersecurity among citizens and organisations, and to providing up-to-date online security information through awareness raising and sharing of good practices. With this in mind, the e-Governance Academy has prepared two podcasts and shared one article related to this overarching topic. We invite you to visit these freely available resources at your leisure.

Podcast: What should governments do to secure their national cyber space?

On 07.10.2020 Raul Rikk, National Cybersecurity Policy Director at Estonia’s Government CIO office, discussed the role of government in ensuring cybersecurity for everyone.

Article: When Sovereignty Leads and Cyber Law Follows

On 13.10.2020 Paul Timmers, Member of the eGA’s Supervisory Board, wrote about the sovereignty debate in the EU, which can inspire the revision of the EU NIS Directive and even provide insight into future changes to EU Treaties.

Podcast: Risks and opportunities in voting on the internet

On 14.10.2020, Liisa Past and Epp Maaten, two experts in cyber security and electronic voting, delved deep into the challenges and breakthroughs of making digital solutions common practice in elections.