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Closing the Cyber Security Month and Updating Finland

Concluding the activities of October, we invite you to visit additional freely available cyber security resources, at your leisure.

Podcast and blog: NCSI – How prepared is your country for a cyber attack?

On 21.10.2020, Epp Maaten, Programme Director of National Cyber Security at eGA, peeks into the main features and goals of the NCSI to explain how the Index makes a fundamental tool for capacity building on cybersecurity.

Podcast and blog: What is cyber hygiene?

On 28.10.2020, Merle Maigre, Senior Cyber Security Expert at eGA, shares best practices of cyber hygiene from France, Estonia, the UK  that is useful for every Internet user and organization.

At our NCSI, Finland has been updated with the latest information provided by the corresponding government officials/contributors. We thank our country contributors for their constant support in keeping the country’s data up-to-date.