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Update to LK, VN, RW and GE

We thank the government officials/contributors that assisted us in updating Vietnam and Sri LankaRwanda and Georgia  have been updated through public data collection.

Vietnam updated its indicators relative to the Cyber Security Strategy and its Implementation Plan. Sri Lanka updated information relative to the Cyber Security Policy Unit, the Cyber Security Strategy Implementation Plan, the Cyber Safety and Security Website, the Education and Professional Development, the Digital Forensics Unit, and the Military Cyber Operations.

Rwanda presents updates in the evidence for the Cyber Security Strategy, the Cyber Safety and Security Website and Professional Association, the Representation in International Cooperation Formats, the Responsibility for Digital Service Providers, the Fight against Cybercrime and the Cyber Incidents Response Unit.

Georgia was provided with new evidence for Competencies in Primary or Secondary Education, Requirements for Operators of Essential Services and its corresponding Regular Monitoring, Personal Data Protection, Cyber Incident Response and Crisis Management.