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Updates to JP, BD, UA, AU, LA, and PG

Bangladesh and Ukraine have been updated with assistance from government officials/contributors. Japan, Australia, Laos and Papua New Guinea were revised through public data collection.

Japan received new points in the Cyber Safety and Security Website, and in Education and Professional Development. Most information from existing indicators was also updated.

Bangladesh obtained new scores in Cyber Threat Analysis and Information, Protection of Essential Services, and Cyber Crisis Management, while existing information in other indicators was brought up to date.

Ukraine’s following indicators received new evidence: Regular Monitoring of Security Measures, Timestamping, National and International Cyber Crisis Management Exercises. Existing evidence was also refreshed.

Australia improved most notably in the Cyber Crisis Management capacity. With the National Strategy having been updated in 2020, this and other indicators were revised with fresh evidence.

Laos has enacted an Electronic Data Protection Act. Evidence about its CERT and its participation in international cyber crisis exercises has also been updated.

Papua New Guinea has received new evidence for the Cyber Security Policy Development and the Fight Against Cybercrime capacities, with some updates to existing data.