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NCSI includes 100 countries' profiles, new website launched

The National Cyber Security Index has reached a milestone by having published information about the cyber security situation of 100 countries all over the world.

The information is continuously updated as information about new legislation, units, events, etc. is submitted to the NCSI team, but the current top 10 is the following (with NCSI scores in brackets):

  1. France (83.12)
  2. Germany (83.12)
  3. Estonia (81.82)
  4. Slovakia (80.52)
  5. Finland (79.22)
  6. Lithuania (77.92)
  7. Spain (77.92)
  8. United Kingdom (75.32)
  9. Switzerland (75.32)
  10. Czech Republic (74.03)

The new NCSI website allows filtering the ranking list by geographic regions and by membership in international and regional organisations such as NATO, EU, ASEAN, Arab League, etc. Please see the upper left corner of the front page for the filtering option.

The index includes 27 Asian countries, where the top performers are Malaysia (72.73), Japan (66.23), and Qatar (57.14).

Highest ranked countries from the Americas are the United States (64.94), Canada (57.14), and Peru (38.96).

Out of 18 African countries represented in NCSI, the top 3 is comprised of Mauritius (46.75), Nigeria (44.16) and Benin (41.56).

Another feature of the new website is that it is possible to compare the profiles of any two more countries against each other. To select a country's dataset for comparison, please go to any country page, find the "NCSI update" section and click on the blue plus sign that appears after the date.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding the index or the new website, please contact us at Please use the same address if you are able to provide information about a country that is not yet in the index or complete information about any country that is already included.