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Cuba, Paraguay, Costa Rica join the index

Data on the cyber security situation of Cuba, Paraguay and Costa Rica is now available in the index.

Cuba placed 107th in the rankings, with a perfect score for their capacity to protect digital services and a good score for cyber indicents response.

Paraguay entered the index in 58th place, scoring full points for their capacity of fight against cybercrime, as well as good results in the capacities of e-identification and trust services, cyber security policy development, and cyber incidents response.

Costa Rica ranked highest of the three Latin American countries, coming in 44th. They received 100% of the points for their capacities of personal data protection and fight against cybercrime. Other notable high scores were awarded for their capacities of cyber incidents response, e-identification and trust services, as well as education and professional development.

All the data was gathered through public data collection and checked by NCSI experts.